We are more connected now than ever before, but most of us still struggle with loneliness and isolation. I believe stories can be a balm for our loneliness. When we engage stories:

We become more of who we were designed to be.

We develop more empathy for others.

We see the world around us with more clarity.

We are able to connect with others in meaningful ways.


An exploration of loneliness and how it intersects with the Christian faith.

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An exploration of reading, writing, and creativity.


An exploration of spiritual direction, spiritual formation, the contemplative life, and the stories of our souls.


Stories are at the heart of everything I do.

When I write creatively,

I use stories to explore ideas and questions and to know and be known.

When I write professionally,

I use stories to help businesses and brands share their messages.

When I write about faith and loneliness,

I engage my stories and others’ stories to gain more understanding about God, who He is, and who I am as His child.

And, one day,

when I practice spiritual direction,

I will help my clients unearth and give attention to the stories of their souls so they can know God more intimately and who they are as His children.