Soul Storying: A Colorful Way to Pray for Your Day

Have you ever prayed in color? The first time I ventured into this type of prayer was in December 2018 at an Advent retreat led by my mentor and friend Lauren Winner. Using a coloring page with various shapes, I filled it with people's names and prayer requests then spent the next hour or so coloring and praying. I hadn’t read much about prayerful coloring or praying in color, but I approached it with an open mind and tried to not think too much about it. As I colored each section that held a name or prayer request, I held that prayer within me as I colored. Each stroke was a prayer for a loved one or something that I wanted to pray for. I enjoyed the experience of praying in a new and creative way on that afternoon.

This morning while I was praying, I had the idea to use a coloring page to pray for my day. It might have been a prompting from the Holy Spirit. It might not have been. I don’t really know, but I don’t think it really matters. So I found this coloring page online, printed it, and filled in several of the spaces with appointments, items from my to-do list, loved ones I want to pray for today, and people I may see today. I put today’s date in the middle and colored that space first.


I may not color every space today. Just writing everything out was an act of prayer for my day and what it may hold. Maybe I’ll color the spaces throughout the day in those in-between times instead of turning to Instagram or Twitter. (And maybe I’ll order a new box of markers since most of mine are pretty dry!)


Have you ever prayed by coloring or doodling? What resources do you know of that might be helpful to those who might want to explore this more?