What I Would Tweet If I Were On Twitter (Number 1)

August 28, 2019
”I miss the Civil Wars.”

“I pulled a thing in my back (or something along those lines) so I’ve been using a heating pad for several hours and I might just keep using a heating pad forever.”

August 29, 2019
”Learn from my mistake. Don’t be that person on Nextdoor who brings up food safety concerns when someone from your neighborhood is raving about the homemade cinnamon rolls being sold out of a neighbor’s kitchen.”

”Does Nextdoor count as social media?”

“I just finished reading LETTERS FROM MAX: A BOOK OF FRIENDSHIP. I liked the first part more than the last part because the letters changed a bit after they realized they were working on a book. But still, it’s a lovely, sad, and hopeful book.”

August 30, 2019
”I read this fantastic interview in Electric Literature in which Mary H.K. Choi says, "‘Instagram is Doritos… It’s a weaponized diversion in the sense that it is optimized for addiction and designed to avert satiation. And social media is a taxonomical prison.’ I feel seen.”

“Have you subscribed to Martyn Wendell Jones’s Tiny Letter about fatherhood? You should. You will be so glad. https://tinyletter.com/martynwendell