A List of Days From The Past Week In No Particular Order (Number 7)

1. The day I worked on some new pitches for a new-to-me publication and worked on my new book project and the ideas came easily and the words came almost as easily and I was pleased because it's nice when there isn't too much of a tug-of-war with the ideas and the words.

2. The day I revised a poem I'm writing and sent it to my husband and best friend to read.

3. The day my best friend came by for a little while and my house was a mess but it really wasn't that big of a deal because she's my best friend but when she left I cleaned the kitchen.

4. The day I wished I could watch the sunset on the beach.

5. The day I went to Costco with my husband and he spent double what he normally spends because I was with him and kept deciding there were more items we needed but we did buy the Kirkland version of La Croix and saved a few dollars and it tastes pretty much the same.

6. The day I left the gym and went straight to the BBQ restaurant that's on the way home and ordered three pounds of smoked chicken for my family to eat for a few days because I was craving protein.

7.  The day I heard from someone I hadn't heard from for a while and I was worried there was something very much wrong with her before I heard from her but she's doing okay and she's going to be even more okay with more time.