A List Of Days From The Past Week In No Particular Order (Number 6)

1. The day my kids went back to school and I sat in our quiet living room and drank coffee and sat some more and did a whole lot of work for my job and I received a rejection for a book proposal for a book of micro-memoirs and I wasn't very sad about my work being rejected but I was sad about feeling like there's no place for me in the Church because I am an oddball Christian who doesn't fit very well in boxes and I know other people feel this way too and somehow we should figure out a way to find each other.

2. The day I started writing a new book and realized it was going to come together easier than I imagined.

3. The day we drove home through rural southern Georgia after attending my niece's beautiful wedding and the fields were so green and the sky was so blue and I seriously thought, "This is God's country." 

4. The day I researched and wrote for four different businesses and organizations and I was able to give my brain a break from my own life, from the headlines, from All Of The Things that make me anxious these days.

5. The day I read two essays written by a student and they are both very lovely and I'm so glad she's writing and I'm so honored to have a tiny role in ushering forth her words.

6. The day a nurse at a doctor's appointment thought I was in my 20s and I could not comprehend where she came up with that idea.

7. The day I looked at carpet samples for all of the bedrooms in our house and I wished we could get rid of all of the carpeting but it's too expensive because we'd have to change all of the flooring in the whole house to make it match so we have to have carpet but at least we can get rid of the WHITE carpet that we've had since we moved in because I just can't do white carpet.