A List Of Days From The Past Week In No Particular Order (Number 5)

1. The day I spent a chunk of time with Mark Jarman's Unholy Sonnet 42 and realized I love the idea of not facing the world but still entering it and I also love the idea of undoing steps while also gaining ground.

2. The day I set up and recorded my first podcast and it took like a million hours then my friend Scott Jones helped me and it all worked out and it was actually fun and interesting and made me think in different ways.

3. The day a friend came over and we drank mimosas and ate parfaits made with lemon Greek yogurt and blueberries and seedy granola and we caught up on life and I'm so glad we got to hang out.

4. The day I wrote in my gratitude journal for the first time in so long but it's okay because it's possible to still be grateful even if you aren't writing down a few things every day in your gratitude journal. 

5. The day I got like three hours to myself and used a lot of that time to sit in the silence and enjoy the solitude and realized there are so many good things in life even in the midst of the not-good things and it's all mixed up and messy but I don't want the mixedupness or messiness to keep me from noticing the good.

6. The day I heard a sermon by one of my favorite people about the Incarnation and wonder and magic and he made a great point that we can't be in full-on wonder mode all of the time because we have to go grocery shopping and do other kinds of mundane, boring things and I felt a sense of freedom because wonder is good, but not everything is wonderful.

7. The day I went on a walk with my husband and he wore my son's ski cap thing that has a fluffy ball pompom thing on the top of it and I know some of our neighbors who saw us were laughing at this huge guy with this hat with the fluffy pompom thing and I just kept giggling about it during our entire walk.