A List Of Days From The Past Week In No Particular Order (Number 2)

1. The day my team got beat like a bass drum but we still won the game that matters most this season and as sad as it is, I'm comforted by that fact.

2. The day I was weepy and confused about something and couldn't sleep but then everything worked out because everything is always better the next morning.

3. The day a dear friend checked on me and encouraged me and spoke the truth to me.

4. The day I got so much work done and crossed things off my to-do list that had been there for weeks and I realized this is much of what being an adult is all about.

5. The day an editor with a publishing company told me he's interested in an idea I have for a book so I started thinking through it more and researching it more and began writing the book proposal.

6. The day I met with my Spiritual Director and talked about where God is present in the midst of so much other stuff that's going on and going around and going to and fro and all about.

7. The day I got to light the first candle of the Advent season and bask in its glow in silence, in solitude, for a little while at least, while the rest of my family slept, and I contemplated the coming of my Savior, my Rescuer.