More and Less for 2018


1. writing book(s) // I want to write at least one book in 2018.

2. writing letters // I want to write a lot of letters in 2018.

3. chin up(s) // I'm going to train to do at least one chin up in 2018.

4. poetry // I'm going to keep reading the poetry. There's always room for more poetry. *Heart Eyes*

5. grace for those I disagree with // I need to receive God's grace to give grace. Lord, help me.


1. judgment of others // Yeah. I want to be less judgmental of others.

2. self-judgment // Yeah. I want to be less judgmental of myself, too.

3. fear of failure // I'm not going to let fear of failure keep me from striving for what I want. 

4. social media // Yeah. Less of that.

5. stacks // I make stacks. It's what I do. I make stacks of papers, stacks of mail, stacks of clothes, stacks, stacks, stacks. I want to make fewer stacks in 2018.