A List Of Days From The Past Week In No Particular Order (Number 4)

1. The day I realized the second week of December had won and I had to back out of a few things and I had to take extra meds and I had to get extra sleep.

2. The day we drove back to Birmingham from Memphis and I stared out the window at the leafless trees that looked like trees made of bones and thought about my vocation and thought about how Story Cures us of much of what ails us. 

3. The day I voted during an election and the guy I voted for won and now it looks like the tide may be able to turn, the tide is possibly turning, the tide might keep turning in the future.

4. The day we celebrated the Christmas (Advent) season with most of the Donlon side of the family and we ate delicious food and drank yummy drinks and partook of wonderful conversations.

5. The day I realized I can't jump on board some of the Twitter Christians' bandwagons because my theology of grace just doesn't line up with telling everyone to get their shit together and act right although I am tempted to think that way too and have to repent of it often and remind myself that humans don't really work that way.

6. The day I hand wrote a bunch of stuff for a book proposal and had some great ideas and might have experienced a bit of creative flow if you will.

7. The day I realized I learned a lot from writing a poem backward--from the end to the beginning--and I decided I should do this often to shake up the neural pathways in my brain although that might not be enough to shake up the neural pathways in my brain but that's kind of what it feels lik, so I'm fine saying that.