A List Of Days From The Past Week In No Particular Order (Number 3)

1. The day Tim turned damn near 50 and we celebrated with a yummy dinner at a great restaurant and we all got along with each other--mostly--and I'm so thankful Tim was born.

2. The day Riley turned 15 and I took her to Starbucks before school to get a peppermint mocha and she texted me later and told me she accidentally spilled it in the hallway at school so I took her to Starbucks after school for another peppermint mocha and it all worked out and she got to have her peppermint mocha.

3. The day I took Brady to get the cast off his hand and instead of taking him straight back to school, I took him to the community gym and let him shoot layups and free throws and jump shots for a little while so he could make sure his hand still works on the court. 

4. The day I went to the art store with Riley and bought several different black pens because I'm trying to find the perfect one and I think I found it.

5. The day I lit the second candle on our Advent wreath (which is really an Advent candelabra?) and we went to church and the sermon was partially about how eternity begins the moment you convert to Christianity and that is really a lovely thing to ponder.

6. The day I had a great workout and bought a plane ticket to Grand Rapids for the Festival of Faith and Writing in April even though I'm insecure about being around a bunch of Christian writers which is actually kind of sad if I think about it too much, but several Seattle Pacific University MFA people will be there and they are the best so it will all be fine, I'm sure.

7. The day I woke up early and watched the first snowflakes fall and then it kept snowing and the snow stuck and there were three or four inches of snow and it was so beautiful and white and new.