Website Re-fresh and Email Re-launch and 99 Days of Creativity Boosters

I'm days away from completing all of the work for my MFA program so I'm transitioning into what-to-do-next? mode. One thing I want to do next is re-launch my email newsletter and curate and create content for it on a weekly basis. The newsletter will be more subscriber-focused than my previous newsletters. I will include information about reading, writing, creativity, and faith and will provide opportunities for subscribers to win new and gently-used books and opportunities for subscribers to receive significant discounts on one specific book each month through a local partner. (More on that soon.) 

So, consider my email newsletter officially re-launched. If you're a subscriber to "The Three Rs" you will be added to the new email newsletter automatically. If you're a subscriber to "Tracing Wholeness" and want to be a subscriber to The Official Charlotte Donlon Email Newsletter, click the "Subscribe" button below to sign up. Thank you for inviting me into your inbox!

As a thank you, all subscribers will receive a fantastic list of 99 Days of Creativity Boosters. I pulled some ideas from the Internet, but I created most of them on my own. If you end up trying any of the creativity boosters, let me know how it goes!

(If you subscribe to the newsletter, check your spam or junk folders for the link to confirm your subscription. Thank you!)