A List Of Days From The Past Week In No Particular Order


  1. The day we went to dinner together as a family and no one fought while we were there and we all talked about what we’re thankful for and I had a delicious cocktail.
  2. The day I stayed in my pajamas and read and wrote and sat in silence and listened to music and gave thanks.
  3. The day I cleaned the living room and dining room and kitchen and hung wreaths and put out our Advent candles and watched Auburn beat Alabama and finally watched The Big Sick which is so great and it made me cry and it made my husband cry but don’t tell him I told you that.
  4. The day I had a good idea for my weekly newsletter and decided to re-launch the newsletter soon and really commit to the newsletter and send it out every week and curate and create great content for my subscribers and figure out ways to give away free books and procure significant discounts on books.
  5. The day we fought a lot and everyone was grumpy for most of the day but night eventually came and we all went to sleep and we all woke up and everything is always better in the morning.
  6. The day my cold was the worst and I didn’t do very much except take DayQuil and drink hot tea and try to read and I felt terrible but we were on a sort of staycation and I had no responsibilities so it all worked out and if there is a week to be sick this is probably it.
  7. The day that hasn’t unfolded yet but in which I hope to rest and drink a lot of coffee and take a walk with my husband and worship my God and make chili.