Inviting you to inhabit a posture of curiosity.

Do you desire to engage your faith in ways that hold space for joy and sorrow, belief and doubt, wholeness and brokenness?

We can approach the Christian faith (and books, art, creativity, culture, and everything else) with thoughtfulness. We can believe the truths of the gospel of grace while also making room for paradox, mystery, and nuance.

I’d love for you to join me as I explore belonging, loneliness, faith, and other topics from a posture of curiosity. Read my online journal, listen to the Hope for the Lonely podcast, and subscribe to receive the latest news and other good things.

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Photo by Liesa Cole.

Photo by Liesa Cole.


We are more connected now than ever before, but most of us still struggle with feelings of loneliness and isolation.

I believe loneliness loses some of its power when we talk about it, so I write and talk about different angles of loneliness and help others consider their own loneliness. I explore how it intersects with belonging and faith and how we might hold on to hope when we feel isolated.

I have discovered the more curious I’ve become about my loneliness, the less severe it seems. So, I welcome you into a posture of curiosity to explore different angles of loneliness and belonging. Read more about Hope for the Lonely here. Learn more about the Hope for the Lonely Podcast here.