Days of Being: January 22

After reading Hubert van Zeller’s Mystery of Suffering, she considered listing her sufferings in her gratitude journal. She wondered: If God draws us to Himself through hard circumstances and if we end up knowing more of Him on the other side of our distress, should there be a degree of thankfulness in the midst of difficulty? Should she thank God for her moderate spell of depression? Should she thank God for those times she screams at her children? Should she thank God for her insecurities, her doubts, her unbelief?

She considered her sufferings, but she couldn’t thank God for them. Instead, she thanked him for beauty—a new painting for the dining area, a great appointment with her therapist, sushi with a dear friend, a meaningful conversation with her daughter.

Days of Being is a micro-memoir and micro-story project exploring memories and moments from our ordinary days. Multiple years are represented within the project celebrating what Madeleine L’Engle once said: “I am still every age that I have been.” Today’s micro-memoir is from one of my January 22s.

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