Days of Being: October 19

As I drove down I-59 to New Orleans, I noticed scattered clusters of Queen Anne’s Lace—their round, white heads peering over dry grass in the median on the outskirts of Birmingham. A sign that sustained cooler temperatures have yet to arrive. But four hours later, the patches of wild, deep yellow swamp daisies captured my gaze as we left Mississippi and entered Louisiana. A brighter sign aflame signaling that autumn is, in fact, here.

Your Turn:

What is something you are waiting for that seems to be late but might be right on time?

Also, take a few minutes to record an ordinary moment from today because our ordinary moments matter. I’d love for you to share your ordinary moment in the comments below.  Or you can submit a few sentences about one of your ordinary moments and I’ll write a Days of Being entry to post online. If you’d like to participate, email me at

Days of Being is a micro-memoir and micro-story project exploring memories and moments from our ordinary days. Multiple years are represented within the project celebrating what Madeleine L’Engle once said: “I am still every age that I have been.” Today’s micro-memoir is from one of my October 19s.