Story Cures: Reading | Writing | Creativity | Grace

We are drawn to stories because stories help cure our afflictions. When we engage stories through reading, writing, and other creative pursuits,   1) We become more of who we were designed to be, 2) We develop more empathy for others,  3) We see the world around us with more clarity, and 4) We are able to connect with God and others in meaningful ways.

And, if we're looking, we can usually find examples of grace in stories, art, and life. That's important because "...grace leads to gratitude, gratitude births love, love leads to repentance, repentance produces good works, good works make for a better society." --Ashley Null on Thomas Cranmer

You are invited--even if you don't feel very creative--to join Charlotte and Story Cures to explore ideas connected to reading, writing, creativity and grace: