The Story Cures Interview: Anna Nash

Welcome to The Story Cures Interview series! Every Tuesday (most Tuesdays?) I'm going to post someone's answers to the same five questions about reading, writing, creativity, and grace. If you'd like to participate and provide your responses to the five questions, email me at Read more about Story Cures here.


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I'm so happy to share Anna Nash's words here. I first met Anna through a Bible study I did years ago. I had the opportunity to have coffee with her several weeks ago and she made space for me to dream out loud--she is a gift. Here are Anna's answers to The Story Cures Interview five questions. And make sure you check out her bio and links below!

1. What's something you've read recently that has stayed with you?

Waiting on God by Andrew Murray 

I’ve always thought that “waiting on God” was a phrase that was meant for unanswered prayers and hoping that God would get on my personal desires timeline. Through this profound book, I’ve come to trust God’s timing in such a powerful way. A deeper relationship with Him and His love for me brings makes the wait and trust a natural response, not a forced mustered up, unnatural belief.

2. What's one of your favorite writing prompts? 

Really, the only way I can write at this stage in life is from an intimate, deeply personal inspiration I see in circumstances, relationships or visuals in my path from God. He speaks to me through analogies of life and this is my creative space. Therefore, I am always watching, looking and hoping to see the next thing He brings. It’s always so delightful and at times I long for it as a hunger when it doesn’t come.

3. Why do you think it's important for us to nurture our creativity? 

Nurturing my personal creativity, I believe, is fulfilling my purpose in God’s kingdom. He created me in His image and He is the ultimate Creator. When finding ways to feed my own creativity and I am able to be more creative, I bring glory to Him in a very unique and rich way. May the world see and praise Him as my Creator.

4. Where have you noticed grace recently? 

Wow! This is a vast question for me. God is teaching me to embrace my weakness, sin, and brokenness as I realize it's all been covered on the cross. Believing this is followed by freedom. The more I understand His unlimited, unconditional love for me, the freer I can live. Realizing my need brings on the realization of grace in daily life. Grateful. So grateful. 

5. What are your thoughts on any connections you notice between reading, writing, creativity, and/or grace? 

Recently I read “Steal Like an Artist” by Austin Kleon. His point in this tiny, “one cup of tea read”, is that no one is completely original in their art/creativity. We are all inspired by something or someone. And ultimately, we as believers, are inspired by God. Reading inspires me to write. Words stir me. Seeing beauty in a different way from someone else spurs me on to write the way God shows it to me. I think of creativity as a flow. I love the word conduit. It comes from God, flows through me out to those who read anything I write. May I steward the creative gifts God has given me because being an expression of God to the world through my gifts brings joy beyond comprehension. 

Anna is an entrepreneur who has a passion for helping people be the best they can be in life and work. As a Life Coach, Anna focuses on helping people find their God-given purpose. Beacon People, a non-profit organization, was birthed out of this calling. Anna is an idea girl who loves brainstorming, networking and marketing and is the author of pathFinder, A Journey Towards Purpose. Her gifts lie in connecting people and opportunities that benefit them and give them a place to make impact. She resides in Birmingham, Alabama, and is married to her high school sweetheart, Tyler. Anna and Tyler own Innova Coffee, a place where they love connecting with others. They have 4 grown children and a Labradoodle named Nate. She blogs at