Introduction to Creative Writing E-Course for High School Students


(Please share if you know anyone who might be interested!)

I'm planning on offering an Introduction to Creative Writing E-Course for high school students ages 14-18 starting in January. It will be a 12-week course for $400 plus the cost of a textbook. (I'm still reviewing textbooks at this time so I don't know that price yet.) I will provide weekly emails with teaching content and assignments including daily writing prompts. I will also provide custom, substantive feedback and suggestions on all completed assignments. The price includes three 20-minute Skype sessions over the course of the 12 weeks for me to answer questions or discuss my feedback and suggestions in more detail. I will require a parent or guardian to be copied on all emails between the students and me because I will not provide grades and to make sure the parent is in the loop on what's being taught and discussed. 

I will be ready to offer this course January-March 2018. My maximum number of students will be 8 per 12-weeks. The class will be offered again April-June. July-September and in 12-week chunks moving forward. If any parents or guardians would like to reserve a spot for a student or if they have any questions, they can email me at or call me at 205-542-3770.

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