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February 2012 Creative Nonfiction Tweets

In January I started writing “tiny truths” via Twitter. Here’s what I came up with during the month of February:

February 3: We perform the same dance every morning: We tiptoe through the empty lot, she searches for a perfect spot & I remove the evidence.

February 14: We sat in the psychiatrists’ waiting room, aware of our common brokenness and shared desire to be more of our full selves.

February 15: He tries to conceal his pain with words, but his eyes tell a story of loneliness and regret. She chooses to look the other way.

February 18: We saw three men digging a grave at the cemetery by Target. My children asked new questions while I silently prayed for answers.

February 18: My daughter breathes in the aroma of the rosemary white bean soup and says, “I wish you were the type that bakes cupcakes.” 

February 24: The loads of colors and whites are piled high–a testimony of neglect. It’s easy to ignore our own dirty laundry. 

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Tiny Truths

One of my goals for 2012 is to write more, and one way I’ve done that this month is to tweet a few very short true stories using Creative Nonfiction’s hashtag #cnftweet. Here are the submission guidelines from in case you want to join in the fun:

CONTEST: Tiny Truths: CNF’s Daily Twitter Contest

accepted year-round

Can you tell a true story in 130 characters (or fewer)? Think you could write one hundred CNF-worthy micro essays a day? Go for it. We dare you. There’s no limit. Simply follow Creative Nonfiction on Twitter and tag your tiny truths with the trending topic #cnftweet. That’s it.

We re-tweet winners daily and republish 10-12 winning tweets in every issue of Creative Nonfiction.

Not sure what we’re looking for? Check out all of our past “Favorites”.

And here are my January #cnftweets:

Six months later she realized it had to be broken before it could be fixed.

Terrified, she withdraws to a safe place. Harmony, melody, rhythm. The music doesn’t lie. 

I learned of his June death on an August morning. Two months too late, I grieved alone while my kids ate Cheetos for breakfast.

A parenting article. A Facebook status. It doesn’t take much to kick off a comparison game. I shrug & decide to sit this one out.

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