About Me

photo (4)I’m a wife, mama, friend, daughter and neighbor. My husband (Tim), children (Riley and Brady), dog (Happy) and I live on the edge of the Crestwood and Woodlawn neighborhoods in Birmingham, Alabama.

My days primarily consist of caring for our family and our home. My therapist says my part-time job is keeping the negative effects of my bipolar disorder at bay, so I take my meds, go to therapy and practice Bikram yoga.

I’m a Christian, so I try to believe the truths of the gospel. My ultimate hope is in Christ and eternity, when there will be no more tears, pain or death. But I also continue to seek out glimpses of and foretastes of heaven right here, right now.

I enjoy quality time and meaningful conversations with others, but will engage in chit chat when all else fails. I try to embrace the ordinary, appreciate the extraordinary and pay attention to the places in between.

And I write. Sometimes I post the results on this website.

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