IMG_0689I live in Birmingham, Alabama, right by the train tracks that cut through the city. I am married to Tim, and we have a thirteen-year-old daughter, Riley, and an eleven-year-old son, Brady. I spend a lot of my time caring for our family. I’m currently earning my MFA in Creative Writing from Seattle Pacific University so I also spend a good deal of time writing and reading. Making room for others and their stories is also a priority for me, and I’m grateful to have a lot of opportunities to do so.

In many ways, I’m in “the places in between.” I’m forty years old. My kids are no longer young children, but they aren’t yet independent. I have bipolar disorder, and with my medications, therapy, and (mostly) healthy lifestyle, I strive to avoid manic highs and depressive lows. I’m recovering from an eating disorder, so I do my best to stay away from the extremes of restriction and bingeing. And, as a Christian, I’m reminded often that I am waiting for the “not yet” of eternity.

The desk beside my bed is usually full of empty grapefruit La Croix cans and stacks of books. My car is full of pages of printed directions because I can’t seem to embrace GPS apps. And my iPhone is currently full of music by Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, Johnny Cash, The Beatles, and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

Some of my writing can be found here:

Scrolling with God

Making Space for Taylor Swift and My Past

Waiting for Healing

Hide and Seek






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